Cool Kitchen Decor Idea

At the beginning of August, a sweet lady from Maryland contacted me to design a piece that could be used as a backsplash behind her stovetop. The picture she sent was simply bottles and vases with zinnias in them -- colorful and gorgeous!

She wrote, 

Jane,  A little story about the Zinnias.  My Mother grew zinnias when I was growing up and she always made bouquets for my friend's Mothers and for me to take to work as a teenager.  Then I started a large Zinnia garden and do the same as my Mother.  I planted a small garden in my Daughter's yard.  We are antique and vintage collectors so my Daughter placed her collection on her kitchen windowsill and it is one of my favorites.  (I added a couple of bottles including the last liquor bottle because my Father always said goodbye by saying "Happy Days"!).  When my Father died, my Daughter who was 36 at the time wrote that "I loved my Granddad more than anyone else on this earth")!  This picture means so much to me and my Daughter!

Well after reading her story, I had to figure out a way to do it! My finished products are typically canvas, but that would never do as a backsplash behind a stove!  We talked about glass and ceramic tile, but finally landed on metal as our medium. 

This is the first version of the stylized photo. This part was easy peasy -- it was beautiful to begin with 🌺

The tricky part was the dimensions, 9" tall and 21" wide. There were some fractions in there too, but that kind of exactness wasn't possible because we hadn't arrived on exactly how the piece would be mounted. So, this is how the piece looked in its final version.


Using a rear clip system that came with the metal art and a frame she and her husband built, she was able to get the piece mounted beautifully.  

Recently, she wrote,

Jane, Here is the installation of the Zinneas piece over the cooktop!  We framed it.  Doesn’t it look beautiful? Thank you so much for a job well done and your patience. Everyone loves it and finds it fascinating!

I am so pleased for these folks and honored that I got to help her realize her vision for her photo project.